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Creating a Brighter Future

Serving Our Kids and Community

Investing TIME In Children!!!

At MOMMY & ME Childcare, staff's goal is to invest TIME in children. MOMMY & ME Childcare staff achieves this goal by  paying personal attention to every child with great detail to individual personality, creativity, and social/ cultural interests. The motto is to develop child's overall personality to prepare them to meet challenges of our society with diverse cultures in this global economy. 


Curricular Activities

At Mommy & Me childcare we have kids of various age groups. We believe that childcare is incomplete without proper attention to kids curricular activities. We have very structured lesson plans for kids of various ages. Center Director and Administrator understand and appreciate the knowledge appetite of gifted and talented kids. For GT kids we have customized Mathematics and reading lesson plans. Center Director's goal is to give every kid same attention as she gives to her son who has been part of the Mequon-Thiensville GT program.

Extended Childcare Hours

In today's demanding corporate culture or in general the overall work culture, very often parents and families spend long hours at their work on weekdays and weekends attending business meetings in order to meet their professional commitments. At the same time parents and families try to ensure that their kids get the best and the brightest upbringing. At Mommy & Me childcare we understand the needs of such families and hence we OPEN at 6:30 AM all 7 days of the week and do not CLOSE until 8:00 PM . On Sundays we CLOSE at 7:00 PM. 

Open On Weekends

At Mommy & Me childcare we understand the need for families to get some support over the weekends to take care of their kids. Therefore, we decided to accommodate such families by providing them some flexible schedule options. At Mommy & Me childcare we will be happy to take care of the kids and teach them on the weekends while the parents are taking care of some other unavoidable  chores.


Drop-In Services

At MOMMY & ME Childcare we understand the dynamic needs of today's work culture. At  MOMMY & ME Childcare we provide Drop-In services which are  specially tailored to suit your unplanned requirements.

Wisconsin Shares

At MOMMY & ME Childcare we also  accept the Wisconsin Shares Child Care Subsidy Program and EBT Card.

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